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About The Slip Sweet Shop

The Slip Sweet Shop

“Everyone has a favourite and a story to tell”

The Slip Sweet Shop opened it's doors in June 2009 with our online sweet shop going live in November 2009. We are one of only a few traditional sweet shops in Ireland and Ireland's leading online sweet shop.

The Slip Sweet Shop on The Butterslip is packed full of jars of sweets filled with your favourite retro or traditional sweet, the choice is endless - pick from your favourite whether it be bulls eyes, apple drops, refreshers, fizzy cola bottles, giant strawberries, fruit salads or black jacks.

Everyone who walks through the doors has a story to tell about their favourite sweet and the memories it brings back, about the bag sticking to the apple drops after they were in your pocket for a while and you had to eat the paper, about their granny always had the cough tablet.

Our online sweet shop now gives everyone the opportunity to access these sweets and take a trip down memory lane or just have good munch.