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Wedding Gift Ideas from the Slip Sweet Shop

Retro Gift Jars to Selection Boxes

Wedding Favors & Gifts from Slip Sweet Shop

The Slip Sweet Shop have been doing Weddings for the past 18 months and our dedicated Wedding Favors and Wedding Gifts web page is now here. Why not hire out our Wedding Sweet Cart which is taking Ireland by storm, load it up with Jars of your favourite sweets and watch your wedding guests lose the run of themselves. Guaranteed to have your wedding guests mouths watering.

Or how about a Gift Jar on each table as a wedding centerpiece and call your tables by the names of your favourite jars of sweets rather than a boring number. Wedding Favors in our Gusseted Clear Favors Bags can also be ordered to whatever budget and types of sweets you want. You can also have the added touch of personalising your Wedding Favors with your own sealed stickers.
Another Wedding Gift idea is to have our Wedding Cube and fill it with whatever selection of your favourite sweets you want, another way of calling your tables after your favourite sweets rather than a number.
You can also get a personalised Handmade Wedding Lolly with your names on it, milk chocolate surround and text with white chocolate in the middle.